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Inspiring Workplace Fairness

Through Education, Training & Outreach

Nov 3 2016

Who We Are

The Employment Round Table of Southern California began in 1983 in cooperation with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and is comprised of volunteers from business, public and private employers, and labor organizations. Our purpose is to create an awareness of the problems of discrimination, harassment and retaliation in employment, and to reduce discrimination and promote equal opportunity.


In Partnership

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is California’s civil rights agency charged with the enforcement of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, Unruh Civil Rights Act, Disabled Persons Act, and Ralph Civil Rights Act. Since 1983, the Department has partnered with the Employment Round Table of Southern California to eliminate employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The Department is committed to collaborating with the Round Table to sponsor forums that promote education and encourage best practices in the workplace.

Our Objectives

  • Enhance communications between the employers & DFEH.
  • Provide forums which promote education, advocacy and understanding of anti-discrimination laws and practices.
  • Initiate cooperative programs which preserve civil rights and expand equal opportunity in employment.

ERTSC Provides

  • Seminars and conferences on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in employment.
  • Information on DFEH activities.
  • Counseling and other assistance to small employers.